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A Bit About The Vibe

My objective is to provide opportunities to progress your holistic wellness journey. 

This is achieved through various wellness retreats, yoga and meditation hikes, and catered workshops focused on yoga, stretching, handstand/headstand practice, guided meditations, arial yoga and Wim Hof. 

I also provide homemade Fire Ciders, home grown/propagated plants, and holistic wellness equipment for sale so you can advance your own Zen den at home. 

Main Objectives:

1. Reconnect with yourself and balance the mind.

2. Improve flexibility and be more active.

3. Get outdoors and step away from the day to day to focus on your inner self and healing.

4. Learn how to balance your body and mind through arial arts and upside down practices. 

5. Get involved in a holistic community.

Holistic Habits encourages you to take advantage of the opportunities which lie in front of you. Whatever it is that you love to do, do more of it.


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